Monday, May 15, 2017

Interface between Orion Controller and the Tesla 5.3 kWh Battery Pack

(updated 6/12/17)

DSC05879 showing trial placement of the mock up battery module adapter boards that will be used to interface with the Orion BMS system.  The fuses are required to protect both the Tesla sensor lines as well the Orion inputs in the event of either a short or an open circuit.

DMFC01732 of the bare EVBimmer PC board prior to adding components as it was received from the fabricator.

DMFC01730 of the EVBimmer PC board after adding all the components.  The four terminal screw block on the left connects to the pair of thermocouples (yellow and blue wires of the 5.3 kWh pack) and the eight terminal screw block connects to the voltage sensor lines of the 5.3 kWh pack.

DMFC01730 of the back side of the EVBimmer PC board after adding components.  The sockets (previously described in this blog posting in picture DSC051265 (12/8/19) and picture DSC05191 (12/7/16)) are identical  to the ones used by Tesla on the back side of the Tesla BMS boards that are located in each OEM 5.3 kWh battery module.

DSC5920 of the Tesla connectors attached to the EVBimmer control board.

DSC05921  of the EVBimmer control board installed on one of the 5.3 kWh Tesla battery modules.  These prototype boards were manufactured by Advanced Circuits in Aurora, Colorado ( and the total production cost (including components and assembly) for the 8 produced amounted to $54.45 per board.

These boards can be used with an Orion control system for either solar battery charging or for EV charging.  Extra boards have been manufactured and will be available for purchase from as either the fully assembled board or as a KitPak (picture DSC05919 ).  Feel free to send an email to this blog ( for further information.

DSC05919  of the parts included in the kit that will be offered by  (an Illinois LLC) if others have any interest in using them.  The diodes (1N4732A, 4.7 volt, 1 watt) and fuses (T1AH 250 V) serve to protect the Orion controller.


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